In their own words, some of our patients describe the kind of care they received at Women’s Care. We’re honored they shared their stories with us so that we can share them with you!

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Teddi & Grace

Women’s Care is fabulous! My friend’s mom—a maternity nurse—had incredibly positive things to say about the practice and Tufts Medical Center. We’ve had three babies there now, and each time we’ve been treated so well. The staff is caring and compassionate. The post-partum care was fantastic. Everything about their approach is personalized so each of my deliveries was special in its own way.

Jul & Kennerley

A colleague of mine—a physician—recommended this practice, saying these OBs were “the best of the best.” Kennerley is our third child with Dr. Zuckerman. My husband says we’ve all really bonded with this practice. They treat you like a person, not like another billing code. Our second two were VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) and everyone was very supportive of our wishes and insightful with their advice. The nursing care is exceptional. They all take a genuine interest in you.

Deb & Violet

We knew we wanted to stay with Dr. Sullivan so we followed her to Women’s Care South and Tufts Medical Center. Everyone at the practice is super down-to-earth. I had gestational diabetes, so there were a lot of office visits. They always went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. Going for my amnio was fast and easy. Tufts Medical Center and Women’s Care South are easy to get to, both are right off the expressway. Delivering at Tufts Medical Center was new to me, but from the start I felt safe and reassured.

Alison & Jack

With my first child, Katie, I was a newbie. I researched everything and made sure Tufts Medical Center had in-house specialists and a good NICU. Dr. Sullivan and her staff were amazing so it was an easy decision to go back for Jack. I love that Tufts Medical Center is a teaching hospital because there are always people checking in with you. The Women’s Care office is great about accommodating you and making sure you are seen right away.

Tiffany & Austin

I loved having my doctor just 12 minutes from my house! Appointments were always fast and easy. I could basically pick the time I wanted. During delivery at Tufts Medical Center, Austin developed an accelerated heart rate and I had to have an emergency C-section. I was nervous but the nurses constantly reassured me. They were so amazing—the whole time. I always tell friends about Women’s Care South, Dr. Daman and my whole Tufts Medical Center experience. It was exactly what we needed, when we needed it.