Physician Comings and Goings

Last updated: November 2019

Tufts MC and Floating Hospital welcomes

Laura Wiltsie, DO Pediatric Hematology/Oncology - November 2019
Matthew Nuhn, MD Surgery, Kidney Transplant - November 2019
Caroline Kim, MD Dermatology- November 2019
Elizabeth King-Paulson, MD CardioVascular Center- September 2019
Sandhya Deverapalli, MD Dermatology- September 2019
Zabrina Shabin, MD Orthopedics- September 2019
Isha Tiernan, MD Dermatology- September 2019
Joseph Kavolus, MD Orthopedics- September 2019
Sarah Robinson, MD Dermatology - September 2019
Alexander Levy, MD Gastroenterology- September 2019
Alexander Marston, MD Pediatric Otolaryngology- September 2019
Richard Birkett, MD Colorectal Surgery- September 2019
Stanley Lau, MD Pediatric Gastroenterology- September 2019
Diego Illanes, MD Urogynecology- September 2019
Charles Resor, MD CardioVascular Center- August 2019
Kathryn Noonan, MD Otolaryngology- August 2019
Carol Cao, MD Hematology/Oncology- August 2019
Ming Zhou, MD Pathology- June 2019
Dustin Walters, MD Thoracic Surgery- June 2019
Raza Malik, MD, PhD Hepatology- May 2019

Tufts MC and Floating Hospital departures

Charles Strom, MD Surgery, Kidney Transplant- November 2019
Michael Barza, MD Medicine - November 2019
Tinatin Chabrashvili, MD Neurology- October 2019
Abdollah Sadeghi-Nejad, MD Pediatric Endocrinology - September 2019
James Yoo, MD Colorectal Surgery,- August 2019
Amrita Khokhar, MD Allergy- August 2019
Linda Kleeman, MD MFM -August 2019
Sophie Wells, MD CardioVascular Center- August 2019
Natesa Pandian, MD CardioVascular Center - August 2019
Paul Swoboda, MD Primary Care- Wellesley - July 2019
Tanaz Ferzandi, MD Urogynecology - July 2019
Joseph Rencic, MD Primary Care- Boston - June 2019
Jeff Zarin, MD, Orthopedics- March 2019

Adult and Pedi Admissions, Discharges + Transfers