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Jesse Winer, MD Accepting New Patients

Programs + Specialties
Training + Education University of Massachusetts Medical School; University of Southern California; Boston Children’s Hospital
NPI # 1326295122
Gender Male
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Floating Hospital for Children
Proger Building, 7th Floor
800 Washington Street
Box 178
Boston, MA 02111
Phone #: 617-636-5878
Fax #: 617-636-7587

2015, Top Poster Award, Neurosurgical Forum, CNS Meeting
2015, Depuy-Synthes Award for Resident Research on Brain and Craniofacial Injury
2007, Alpha Omega Alpha
2007, UMass Surgical Excellence Award
2004, Summer Training on Aging Research Topics – Mental Health Fellowship

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2. Jantzie L, Winer J, Corbett C, Robinson S. Erythropoietin Modulates Cerebral and Serum Degradation Products from Excess Calpain Activation following Prenatal Hypoxia-Ischemia. Developmental Neuroscience, 2016;38(1):15-26

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Jesse Winer, MD is a Pediatric Neurosurgeon at Floating Hospital for Children. Dr. Winer completed his neurosurgery residency at the University of Southern California with a focus on epilepsy. Following his residency, he was the Shillito Fellow of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Winer's focus on pediatric neurosurgery aligns with his research interests of cerebral development, traumatic brain injury, and neurorestoration, and he has many peer-reviewed publications on these topics. As a Massachusetts native, Dr. Winer is honored to be able to provide family-centered care for his community. In his spare time, Dr. Winer loves to bike, ski, cook and be outdoors with his family.

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American Association of Neurological Surgeons

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