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Annabel Greenhill, MA

Training + Education Boston University
Gender Female

1. Lerner D, Adler D, Hermann RC, Chang H, Ludman EJ, Greenhill A, Perch K, McPeck WC, Rogers WH. Impact of a work-focused intervention on the productivity and symptoms of employees with depression. J Occup Environ Med 2012; 54(2): 128-35.

2. Lerner D, Parsons SK, Justica-Linde F, Chelmow D, Chang H, Rogers WH, Greenhill AM, Perch K, Kruzikas D. The impact of precancerous cervical lesions on functioning at work and work productivity. J Occup Environ Med 2010;52(9):926-933.

3. Lerner D, Adler D, Hermann RC, Rogers WH, Chang H, Thomas P, Greenhill A and Perch K. Depression and work performance: The Work and Health Initiative Study. In: Handbook of Job Accommodation in Mental Health. Schultz, IZ and Rogers, SA (eds). Springer Press, 2009.

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5. Lasch, K., Greenhill, A., Wilkes, G., Carr, D., Lee, M. & Blanchard, R. (2002) Why study pain?: A qualitative analysis of medical and nursing faculty and students’ knowledge of and attitudes to cancer pain management. J Palliative Medicine, 5(1), pp. 57-71.

Ms.Greenhill is the Project Manager for Dr. Lerner’s projects, including a 24 employer trial testing the effectiveness of a novel intervention to improve the ability of middle-aged and older employed adults with depression to function effectively in the workplace. She is a member of the Program on Health, Work and Productivity and serves as the point of contact for the Work Limitations Questionnaire.

Ongoing Research Support (as of December 2013)

R01 AG 033125-01A1 (Lerner)
Preventing Mid- and Later-Life Work Limitations: Community-Based Depression Care
The aim of this study is to address the burden of depression on middle-aged and older workers by providing mental health and vocational services to improve functioning and reduce productivity loss. The long-range goal is to disseminate an innovative program to help such workers remain engaged and productive in their work.

No Number (Lerner)
Ortho-McNeil Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC
Impact of Back and Neck Pain on Rural Electrical Workers
The aim is to plan and implement a field survey and claims data analysis to determine the work and economic impact of musculoskeletal pain on rural electrical workers.

Completed Research Support

R34 MH072735 (Lerner)
Reducing Depression’s Impact on Work Performance
This project will further develop and test a new multi-modal, work-focused intervention. This project’s long-term goal is to provide effective and efficient work-focused care that will help employees with depression function more effectively and productively.

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