Request Your Medical Record

Health Information Management

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guarantees that all medical records are kept confidential. Patients may request their medical records at any time.

Release of information

A patient, or his/her legal representative, may inspect and/or obtain a copy of his/her medical records, or have copies of medical records sent to another facility.

Tufts Medical Center requires a completed and signed Authorization for the Release of Health Information form before releasing any documents to anyone, including the patient. In certain cases, a patient's physician may also be required to approve a request.

To request a copy of your medical records

Print and complete the Authorization for Release of Health Information Form.

We ask that you specify what components of your medical records you wish to obtain. Often the discharge summary, operative report and history and physical contain relevant information to suit your needs.

The form must be completed, signed and dated by the patient or his/her legal representative.

Requests must be signed specifically for the release of the following information:

  • Psychiatric Care
  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse
  • Genetic Testing

    Submit your completed medical record request form

    There are three options for submitting your completed request form: in person, by mail or by fax (for continuing care and/or medical emergencies only).

    To submit in person

    Health Information Management Department
    Ziskind Building, 1st Floor
    800 Washington Street
    Boston, MA 02111

    Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Closed: Weekends and Holidays

    To submit via mail

    Tufts Medical Center
    Health Information Management Department, Box 999
    800 Washington Street
    Boston, MA 02111

    To submit via fax

    Fax number: 617-636-4822
    Attention: Health Information Management Department

    Release of information charges

    • 24.37 Base Charge for clerical and other administrative expenses related to complying with the request for making a copy of the record (effective 10/1/2018).
    • $0.82 per -page charge for the first 100 pages copied
    • $0.42 per-page charge for the pages in excess of 100 pages copied.

    In most cases, payment is required before the records are released. There will be no charge if the records are sent directly to another health care facility to maintain continuity of care.

    Additional information

    Please allow 7 business days for your request to be processed. If you indicated the option to pick up, you will be contacted by the Release of Information Office when your records are ready. A valid photo ID is required.

    If an individual other than the patient is picking up the health information, that individual must have an original signed authorization letter from the patient along with a valid photo ID.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call the Health Information Management office at 617-636-6310.