Cerebral Palsy Program

Cerebral palsy is a neurologic disorder that is caused by an injury or disruption in the child’s developing brain that can affect their body movement, cognition and posture.

Because cerebral palsy varies greatly in its severity and impact on a child’s life, the approach that the teams at Floating Hospital for Children in Boston take to treating cerebral palsy also ranges – we tailor each treatment plan to each individual child.

Cerebral palsy is typically managed by more than just our neurology and neurosurgery teams. We work closely with colleagues across Floating Hospital including physiatry, orthopedics, orthotics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and pharmacy. We also collaborate with your family and your child’s pediatrician to get a full picture of your child’s health and determine long-term care plans.

How is cerebral palsy treated?

At Floating Hospital, we work in the multidisciplinary team listed above to develop the best treatment plan for your child and provide that comprehensive treatment plan all in one place. Treatment approaches may include:

  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy
  • Mechanical aids
  • Medication
  • Spasticity management
  • Surgery

Long-term care at Floating Hospital

Follow-up care for cerebral palsy at Floating Hospital is determined based on the complexity of your child’s condition. Our pediatricians, neurologists, physiatrists, orthopedists and other specialists will work together to develop a long-term care plan. This plan may include regular check-ups at our clinics, follow-up imaging and in some cases, possible additional interventions. 

Jesse Winer, MD

Jesse Winer, MD

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Title(s): Chief, Pediatric Neurosurgery; Pediatric Neurosurgeon; Assistant Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
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