General Pediatrics Practice

Pediatric and Adolescent Asian Clinic

Located in the heart of Chinatown, the Pediatric and Adolescent Asian Clinic at Floating Hospital for Children has been working with the local Asian community for decades to provide culturally sensitive pediatric care. We take into consideration traditional therapies when treating our patients, and we serve both Boston’s Chinatown and the Asian community throughout Greater Boston.

What we offer

At our Pediatric and Adolescent Asian Clinic, you and your family will find a friendly environment, with bilingual staff and an after hours emergency on-call line answered by Chinese speaking providers. You will also have direct access to specialty clinics.

At our practice, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive range of pediatric and adolescent primary care services, including routine physicals, well-baby checkups and immunizations. We are accessible for acute sick visits as needed. 
  • Providers who are experienced in treating adolescents for gynecological and eating disorders. Other services include birth control and sexual/STD testing.
  • In hospital lab and radiology resources.
  • Extended hours and weekend appointments.

The clinic also works closely with numerous specialty clinics and programs within Floating Hospital, including:

  • The Center for Children with Special Needs (CCSN) provides evaluation and management with autism, school problems and ADHD.
  • Asthma Prevention and Management Initiative (APMI) provides asthma education and asthma home visits to families.
  • Social work services with bilingual staff
  • Nutrition services
  • Health insurance assistance services

Clinic hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00 am–8:00 pm 

Friday, Wednesday: 9:00 am–5pm 

Saturday: 9:00 am–1:00 pm 

For more information or to book an appointment please call our bilingual staff at (617) 636-1337.


位於中國城的中心地區,Floating Hospital for Children的亞裔兒科和青少年診所幾十年來 一直與當地的亞裔社區合作,提供符合文化背景的兒科 護理。在治療我們 的患者時,我們會 考慮傳統療法。我 們服務波士頓的中 國城和整個大波士 頓的亞裔社區。

我們提供的服務 在我們的亞裔兒科和青少年診所,您和您的家人會感覺到 友善的氛圍,我們有雙語工作人員,還有下班後由說中文 人員接聽的緊急待命專線,隨時為您服務。您還可以直接 找專科診所就診。


  • 全面的兒科和青少年初級保健服務,包括常規體檢、嬰 兒保健體檢和免疫接種。如有需要,我們也接受急性病 就診。
  • 我們的醫療人員在治療青少年婦科和飲食失調方面經驗 豐富。其他服務包括節育和性/性病測試。
  • 在醫院的實驗室和放射科資源。 
  • 延長的看診時間和周末看診。

我們診所還與Floating Hospital內的眾多專科診所和項目 密切合作,包括:

  • The Center for Children with Special Needs (CCSN)提供自閉症、學校問題和多動症(ADHD)的 評估和管理。
  • Asthma Prevention and Management Initiative (APMI)為家庭提供哮喘教育和哮喘家庭訪視。
  • 社會工作服務備有雙語工作人員為您服務
  • 飲食營養服務
  • 健康保險協助服務




星期六: 上午9:00至下午1:00 

欲了解詳情或預約,請致電(617)636-1337聯繫我們的雙 語工作人員。