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The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology at Floating Hospital for Children is devoted to the care of children and adolescents with endocrine and metabolic disorders. We provide a range of services for kids with growth problems, abnormalities of the thyroid gland, diabetes and others by providing specialized inpatient and outpatient diagnostic evaluations, as well as management of acute and chronic disease.

Led by Robert Gensure, MD, our team will do everything we can to make sure your child has a comfortable and positive experience while in our care.


Floating Hospital for Children patients playing at the Chinatown YMCA.

Abdollah Sadeghi-Nejad, MD answers frequently asked questions about juvenile diabetes.

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Boston magazine honors 2014 “Top Doctors” at Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children.

2014 Boston magazine Top Doctors
A patient at Floating Hospital for Children in Boston.

The JDRF provides resources for helping kids live with type 1 diabetes.

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