Kids at the YMCA partake in Center for Youth Wellness program"This program taught me that it is possible to eat and be healthy without starving myself. It gave me the tools to lead a healthy life and with patience and determination changes can be made. It was also very supportive. I made amazing friends and had great discussions. Through this program I learned how to lead a healthy lifestyle, and that I am not in it alone." —DTK

"This program was a great success. I was able to learn something that actually worked.  I noticed that I was losing pounds. I was able to meet people with the same problem as me and we were able to help one another out. I'm glad I joined the program. I truly recommend it." —GNC

“This program helped me realize all the bad habits I was doing. It helped me open my eyes to eating balanced meals, and having the correct proportions. All the people I met here, I will be friends with. This is an experience I will never forget. This program, I would recommend to teens struggling with their weight.” —CMI

"By doing this program, you are not alone. You are with other teens who are trying to achieve the same goal, being healthy. Having others support you with the same problem, helps you to not feel alone anymore." —Kelechi N

“This program was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about eating balanced. I also made many new friends who I will never forget. I highly recommend this program!” —Shayla F

"I learned a lot about balancing our meals, portions, and doing physical activities." —DLR