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Center for Children with Special Needs

Insurance + Payment

Insurance payments

We accept most insurance plans for covered medical conditions. Almost all of the evaluation and treatment services that we offer are covered by most insurance plans. Some plans require prior authorization or may have other restrictions. Please consult our list of accepted insurance plans and communicate directly with your plan for additional information.

School pay and self-pay 

At the Center for Children with Special Needs, you also have the option of asking your child’s school team to cover the costs of evaluation services. School-paid evaluations can be justified through the Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) process – you can ask your clinician for more information at the time of your visit. You can also access information about the IEE process by visiting the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website. School-paid evaluations are focused on your child’s needs at school only, and are not associated with any follow-up treatment services. Alternatively, you can pay for services privately (out-of-pocket).