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Deeb Salem, MD is the chair of the Department of Medicine at Tufts Medical Center in downtown Boston, MA.Co-Interim Chief Executive Officer: Deeb Salem, MD

 Co-Interim Chief Executive Officer: Terry Hudson-Jinks, RN, MSN


Rashed Durgham, MD is the Chief Administrative Officer and Pediatrician-in-Chief at Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, MA.Chief Administrative Officer and Pediatrician-in-Chief: Rashed Durgham, MD



Jodi CoombsVice President, Floating Hospital for Children and Women's Health, Tufts Medical Center and Physicians Organization: Jodi A. Coombs, RN, MBA



Mary Beth Williams is the executive director of patient care services at Tufts MC.Executive Director of Patient Care Services: Mary Beth Williams, MN, RN



Dr. Lisa Capra is a pediatric hospitalist in Boston at Tufts Medical Center.Assistant Chief, Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine: Lisa Capra, MD